When you and your partner are trying to get pregnant, it comes with such joy that you can rarely contain it. But have you experienced the situation where you two wait and wait for days, months and even year to feel that joy? Many would be parents go through it and there is nothing to be worried or sad about that. All you need is the help of an infertility doctor.

As the medicinal field has made stunning progress over the years, treating infertility is no problem now. Tens of thousands of patients are making wondrous progress with the help of fertility treatments. Infertility doctors help you to find the right direction that you must adopt to get pregnant. Here are some guidelines to let you know, when the ideal time to consult an infertility specialist is.

  1. Under 35 and Healthy
    The ideal step you must take when you fall under this category is to wait. Any healthy couple generally takes almost 12 months to get pregnant. Try for 12 months after you have stopped using birth control and see the result. If you fail to conceive even then, consult your infertility doctor.
  2. Over 35
    After 35, in medical terms, a woman is labeled “advanced maternal age”. The best thing to do is to wait for 6 months. As the chances of maternity starts dipping around this age, you may have to wait. But after 6 months if you fail to conceive the only option available to you is to go see a infertility doctor.
  3. Over 40
    This is a tricky age to get pregnant. After 40 the egg of a woman decreases both in quality and quantity. Hence the chances of conceiving become lesser and the chances of miscarriages go higher. But it shouldn’t dishearten you as women over 40 do get pregnant and gives birth to healthy child. Consult a fertility doctor before conceiving as you doctor will give you some pointers on enhancing the chances of getting pregnant.
  4. High or Low BMI
    Body Mass Index or BMI also pose a concern for pregnancy. High BMI or low BMI, impacts reproductive functions and hormonal balances. If you are underweight or overweight consult your doctor for instructions.
  5. Thyroid Condition
    Having a thyroid condition can affect your chances of getting pregnant. S o it is advised that if you are suffering from thyroid condition and fails to get pregnant, then consulting a fertility specialist is your only option.
  6. Multiple Miscarriages
    Multiple miscarriages can take a toll on you, both emotionally and physically. But don’t let miscarriages cause any stress. You can consult your fertility doctor and get a checkup. A thorough check up will reveal the cause of the miscarriages and your doctor will take medical steps according to that.

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