When you and your partner are trying to get pregnant, it comes with such joy that you can rarely contain it. But have you experienced the situation where you two wait and wait for days, months and even year to feel that joy? Many would be parents go through it and there is nothing to be worried or sad about that. All you need is the help of an infertility doctor […] .Read More

Infertility is a disease that is faced by many but not many people talk about it. It is that undesirable state where a woman cannot conceive naturally. But a couple cannot be considered infertile until and unless they have tried to conceive for at least 6 to 12 months. If a woman is unable to conceive even after that, then the couple requires medical consultation at the earliest. Ponni Hospital has helped a number of cou […] Read More

1 out of every 6 couple is diagnosed with infertility and the number of infertility cases has been experiencing an upward trend since last few years. Infertility is that state where a woman is unable to conceive naturally due to several factors like hormonal imbalance, aging, ovulation disorder, and many other reasons. Many people believe infertility is a disorder that is limited to a woman alone, but […] Read More

In our societies, fertility is given a lot of importance. Our society uses fertility to judge the overall competence of a human being. Medicine has evolved from mysticism with the invention of scientific methods. With this evolution, several cases of infertility are made treatable with high success rate. […] Read More

The process by which fertility is assessed in men and women is known as fertility testing. There are several tests that can be taken to evaluate fertility. At Ponni Hospital, our goal is to guide you through the process properly and quickly so that you can get the treatment and ultimate success as quickly as possible.Read More

Infertility originally refers to the inability of a person to contribute to conception after participating in regular unprotected sex. Infertility generally results due to the biological inability of the individual. It can even refer to a female who is unable to carry the pregnancy up to the full term. Most nations and […] Read More