If you haven’t been associated with PONNI HOSPITAL in the past, then let us tell you how we work. We are dedicate dot provide the best fertility treatment that you deserve. We understand that how much you want to have a baby and we work intensely to make it possible for you to have a baby. With our decades of experience we have provided each and every patient with the quality treatment that he/she hoped to get. We have helped tens of thousand of our patients to get pregnant and we hope to add innumerable more to that list.

We are a patient-focused network and hence we extend our services throughout your treatment process. We have always believed that learning about various concepts of fertility and its treatments can help you make better-informed decisions about what you choose as your care. We at PONNI HOSPITAL are a highly-trusted source of fertility information, products and services.

We offer a number of fertility treatment facilities at our clinics. It will be better for you if you check the list of facilities and services that we provide:

  • Infertility Diagnosis 
    Here we diagnose the main cause of you or your partner not being able to reproduce. This includes testing the ovaries and the sperm quality. Under this we check the reasons for both the
    • Female Infertility
    • Male Infertility
  • Infertility Tutorial
    We are committed to supporting and empowering the public by providing them with information and resources on infertility. This helps couples to be aware of the issues that can lead to infertility and they are able to take precautions and steps according to that.
  • Family Building
    Family is the single most important thing in a person’s life and everyone should have the right to have a family. We at Ponni Hospital have made it a important task of ours to help any one – lesbian couples, gay couples, single mother or father – to have the opportunity to build a family.
  • Become an Egg Donor
    We accept egg donations from any healthy woman and we encourage others to practice the same.
  • Fertility Calculators 
    These are tests that have been designed to help you find out whether you are showing any signs of infertility or not.
    • PONNI HOSPITAL Fertility Calculator
      Calculate your Fertility Indicators with the help of Ponni Hospital fertility calculators.
    • The PONNI HOSPITAL Infertility Stress Test
      We know that living with infertility can be stressful, whether on your own self or on those you love. Is your stress serious and impacting your emotional life? This test will help you find out.
    • Affordability Estimator
      Are you worried about your chances of getting pregnant and the costs involved with fertility treatment? Then don’t worry anymore as this calculator is meant to help you to answer those questions.