Over decades of experience in infertility treatment, Ponni Hospital Fertility has managed to become one of the most revered fertility clinics in the country. It is our dedication that has led to this achievement. By providing fertility care to anyone, no matter what their cultural, ethnic and economic background is, we have always wanted to give the equal opportunity at fertility treatment and we have somewhat achieved in doing exactly that. But this is not the only thing that drives us. We are also committed to providing each and every care at affordable costs, so that anyone can avail the opportunity to get pregnant medically.
Over the years we have developed to make ourselves acquainted with the latest in technology that will help us to give our patients the best care that is available. With our state of the art facilities, the patients receive the care that they absolutely deserve. We don’t discriminate our patients and whatever your sexual orientation, whether you are a single parent or hoping for adoption, we welcome everyone to our clinic.
Like any other organization we hope to grow as large as it is possible. The more we grow the better care our patients will get. We will become more accessible to anyone looking for fertility treatment and that is why we are always in need of your help. It takes a village to raise a child and it takes a number of qualified people to give parents the joy of a child.
We maintain the largest network of fertility clinics al around the country. These clinics work to give our patients all the possible information and advice regarding your infertility treatment. The patients can get their infertility level checked and know whether they are prone to infertility or not. With our facilities every treatment for infertility is possible. We encourage our patients to avail the options that are provided as infertility is a growing phenomenon and we want our patients to be immune to that.
Ponni Hospital Fertility offers a stimulating environment to the recruits under the umbrella of a dynamic and growing organization. Our positions will help you in your professional growth opportunities and they also come with competitive salary and a number of benefits package. We accept any one who has the necessary qualification to join our team of exclusive and experienced workers.
If you feel that you have the skills and the quality to help people then you can apply to Ponni Hospital Fertility. If you want to apply for a position, please email your cover letter along with your résumé to our office.
Presently Ponni Hospital is accepting résumés for a several posts in our clinics. You will get all the necessary information regarding this position at our website. We have set a number of minimum requirements for the applier. This has been done to maintain the quality of our recruits that Ponni Hospital is famous for. We hope that more positions will open up pretty soon at pour clinics.
We at Ponni Hospital believe in equal opportunity for all our employees.