The issue of age-related infertility is more common in women than in men. This is a sensitive issue to women as they are the one who are ultimately going to carry the fetus. The quality and quantity of the egg becomes a prime issue, moreover, the tenacity of the uterus to carry a baby is also taken into consideration. It is however, impossible to bear a child, naturally, after menopause. You will have to freeze your eggs before hand and opt for surrogacy.

Ponni Hospital Fertility has the best infertility doctors who will inform you on the reasons for which you are not being able to get pregnant. The reasons may include:

  1. Poor Egg Quality
    As your age increases the quality of the egg produced by the ovaries deteriorates. A bad quality egg will not be able to fertilize properly by the sperm. Moreover, the quality of the egg also denotes its capability to stay in the fallopian tube for the natural process of fertilization. If it fails to stay at its position, it is discharged by the uterus. This is however the only problem. Poor quality eggs or aged eggs are also responsible for certain chromosomal defect in the baby. As eggs get older, they have an increased risk of harboring chromosomal errors, and this increases the risk of the baby having a chromosomal error like Down syndrome, etc.
  2. Quantity of Eggs
    If quality was a problem, then quantity will certainly be another one. Women are already born with the total number of eggs that they are going to have in their lifetime. Eggs are not naturally manufactured in a woman’s body. This number could be around 2 million. Around 11 thousand of these eggs are discharged each month during period. So you can imagine that as the age rises, the number of eggs decreases. The average age when a woman loses her fertility is estimated to be around 41 years. But older women do have babies, rare though the case maybe. Freeze your eggs beforehand to eliminate any risk.
  3. Weak Uterus
    As age increases it certainly contributes towards making your uterus weak and intolerable. Fertilization and growing a baby inside of you takes energy and stamina, both of which are scPonni Hospitale in an older woman. This leads to miscarriage as your uterus can’t bear the pressure of a fetus. Most pregnancy in older women ends in miscarriages, mainly during the late month of pregnancy.
    Why Choose Ponni Hospital ?

Ponni Hospital is a well known infertility clinic that is dedicated to providing the best care to its patients. We are equipped with the best technologies and infertility experts who will help you in every strep of the way. If you are an aged woman who hopes to become pregnant, don’t worry, because we have had many patients who are above the normal age of youth. We will check the condition of the ovary and do some tests of your eggs. We will also make sure that your uterine wall is in good condition to bear a child. With our help, you may be assured that, you also can become a mother.