Age is a point of concern if you are planning to become a father at the autumn of your life. Age related infertility problems have always raised the question of whether you can become a father or not. It is a very common question, but becoming a father later in your life is not at all rare. Nowadays men over 50, 60 or even 70 are becoming father. Sometimes they adopt natural process of coitus or they consult an infertility doctor and treat their chances of reproduction, medically.

Ponni Hospital will help you in this. We will conduct tests and check whether you are capable of reproducing or not. There are some common fertility problems that aged men suffer from. These are

  • Low Sperm Count
    It is no hidden fact that with age the sperm count of a man declines. Sometime, extremely rapidly. Sperm count refers to the number of sperm produced per ejaculation. The decrease in sperm count reduces the chances of fertilizing the egg as the sperm fails to reach the egg in a woman’s uterus.
  • Decrease in Sperm Quality
    Sperm quality is denoted by the volume, motility or the ability of the sperm to move toward its destination, the awaiting egg, and the structure of sperm. These are essential for fertilizing the egg, especially the motility quality. If the sperm cannot reach the egg, how will it fertilize it? With growing age, these qualities of a sperm fall below normal and become ineffective after an age.
  • Decreased Sexual Activity
    Age and your sexual activity are inversely related, which means that the increase in age will decrease the sexual activity. Where young sexual partners (below the age of 40) engages in sexual activity for an average of 6.5 times a month, older partners (above 60) can’t engage in sexual activities for more than 2.5 times in average per month.
  • Erectile Dysfunction
    This is very common phenomenon and it undoubtedly increases with your age. There are a number of on the counter drugs like Viagra that will help you with this condition, but doctors’ advice is recommended. There are some natural remedies or aphrodisiacs available to deal with it. A limp genital will not allow you to perform well with your partner, resulting in conditions related to infertility.

Why Choose Ponni Hospital?
Ponni Hospital is one of the premier fertility treatment facilities in India. We are dedicated to provide the best care in fertility that is humanly possible. Our clinics are facilitated with the sate of the art equipments. We make our patient’s demands the prime basis of our care, so you can be assured that once you avail Ponni Hospital your demands will be met effectively. Through tests and check-ups we will find out what is mainly causing your infertility. We will check your sperm counts and your sperm parameters and give you the report on them. Our expert doctors will suggest you treatments and steps that you can take to improve your fertility and hopefully produce a child.