Infertility treatments can really get a little hectic. More than that, the cost of such treatment is also quite high. The costs of fighting an infertility problem can bear down upon the shoulder of the ordinary couple. Thus the treatments and health check up should be properly planned. The packages for infertility treatments do vary quite a lot. Therefore before choosing a particular package, a thorough conversation with the physician is absolutely neces […] Read More

Conceiving a baby is the dream of every settled couple. Thus whenever a problem due to infertility arises, it is a case of serious disappointment. According to statistical data, a couple should not visit the doctor for fertility check up until the second year ends during which the couple has been trying to conceive a child. 90% of all couples conceive within the first 24 months and they can avoid all the hassles. Furthermore, the treatments are always quite costly […] Read More

Treatments nowadays are surely very costly. Infertility programs are no exceptions to this statement. There are a lot of different assessments and diagnosis that the couple would need to go through before the cause of infertility can be understood. More often than not, infertility cannot be justified and it is claimed to be “unexplained infertility”. There might be hundreds of different causes of an “unexplained infertility”. But whatever the case may be, if you are in […] Read More

There are surely lots of different ailments in today’s world that has resulted as a direct effect of man’s activities. Most of the reasons for infertility are surely man-made. The stressful daily schedules, taking to a life of pleasure and decadence are all contributing factors in the realm of infertility disorders. It is not beyond comprehension that treatment costs have sore sky high these days and it is not possible for the average man to afford such costly procedures […] Read More

Infertility treatments are known to be very costly and are surely out of reach of the average Indian. Therefore, a backup plan is always needed to cope up with the situation. A financial crisis is inevitable if the couple seeks infertility treatment. Most people would not have an insurance done with respect to infertility treatments. There are some insurance companies which would not offer insurance cover on infertility treatments. Thus, a loan is the onl […] Read More

It is well-known that infertility treatments are well beyond the reach of the common man. Therefore, it is commonly advised not to approach the physician before the end of the second year during which the couple had been trying to conceive. It has been found according to statistical records that about 75% women become pregnant after the first year and about 90% by the end of the second year without any medical help or assistance of any kind. Thus, it is wise to […] Read More