PONNI HOSPITAL Fertility is equipped with state of the art facilities that have allowed it to be one of the best fertility clinics, offering quality services to its patients. At PONNI HOSPITAL, we take care of our patients with the experience that we have gathered and we have helped tens of thousands of patients to get pregnant and that is why we enjoy an unique gift of trust that these patients have showed us. As they are our testament, we work to provide the best of medical care at affordable cost. As we believe that everyone has the right to get pregnant, in spite of their financial condition.

We have made it our aim to look after our patients as our own family. We take this very seriously and we work towards providing every kind of facilities to you. Keeping this in mind we have designed our services under three specific areas of excellence. We call it the PONNI HOSPITAL Advantage. It includes: Care, Cost and Continued Support.

  • Care
    What are we if we cannot care for each other? It is the basis of humanity and PONNI HOSPITAL strongly upholds this area. PONNI HOSPITAL believes that the best fertility care is local. So we don’t own any medical practices. You will be looked after best by your local doctor. It is a key relationship. We have carefully selected the largest network of top, board-certified fertility specialists, hwom you can find in a region close to you.
  • Cost
    The biggest barrier between you and your treatment is the factor of ‘cost’. But we aim to provide care and cost shouldn’t be a factor between us. PONNI HOSPITAL has designed several discounted multi-cycle financial packages and numerous other financing options that will reduce your financial stress and make you prepare for the treatment mentally. We also made pharmacy payments an affordable option for our patients. The unique PONNI HOSPITAL Success Program is also dedicated to help you. When you get pregnant and have a live birth, through this program, you will get a refund for any remaining cycles.
  • Continued Support
    Once you are under our care, you can remain relived for a long time. We will take care of you. PONNI HOSPITAL’s services extend throughout your treatment process. We provide our patients with the best resources and tools on education, treatment management, and stress reduction. And that is why many of our patients have trusted us with their treatment.

We at PONNI HOSPITAL have been working for decades to make it possible for our patients to hear that first cry of a baby. That is a powerful moment and we are proud to say that we have achieved that to large extent.